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Cotton Ceiling Lampshades

02 May 2018

It can be tricky when you inherit a central light pendant in the middle of your room. Often standard lampshades can look awkward or lonely in this space. Whilst the Noguchi  Akari lamp is a very good plain option, it can be a good opportunity to introduce a little colour or pattern to the room. With this in mind, we have introduced our new range of hanging cotton lampshades.

In line with the rest of our products, our hanging lampshades are made by hand from all natural materials. The fabric is cotton, which has been stretched over a bamboo frame in much the same way as the Akari. 

The designs are silkscreened in batik over cotton to create the patterns. Orzo, which has a small oval shaped pattern, is available in grey/green, brown and orange and comes in a 60cm option (which is a good size for most medium-sized living rooms, halls and bedrooms) and a larger 80cm option. 

The Zebra print lampshade comes in three different colours, and is a good way to introduce a little animal print to the room:


For the pattern-shy, we have a plain white option, which gives a lovely, airy feel to the room, along with the pom-pom light and stars light, which are particularly good for children's rooms. Along with the palm tree design below, we have a zig-zag option, which you can see on the website. See our full range here


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