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Moroccan Style

10 February 2016

The wonderful thing about Moroccan design is the way that it engages all of your senses - the vibrant colours, rich textures and warm luxurious feel. Winter is a great time to introduce some of these elements into your home.

Our Moroccan blanket is hand woven by Berber women and trimmed with large pom poms. Originally used to keep out the cold in the Atlas mountains, they are a great top layer for beds and sofas. 

Moroccan trays are lovely to serve drinks on, and they also look fabulous dotted around the house to corral various things like remote controls, vases, keys, mail and bathroom products.


Our new jute rug is an easy way to inject the Moroccan look, and adds colour and texture with its pretty green stripe. 

I've just introduced it to my living room for a Winter update with some velvet cushions and a sheepskin:

I also couldn't resist a couple of the cushions for the sofa! What's not to love about a pom pom?


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