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Choosing a front door colour

30 September 2015

Recently I was having the front of the house painted, and had to make a decision about the colour of the front door. Having lived very happily with Farrow and Ball's glossy Hague Blue, I decided it was time for a change. While researching different options, I realised that the colour of your front door can actually say a thing or two about you!

Dark blue doors are believed to create calm and peace, and a black door is said to signify order and control.

It can be lightened up by adding a fun number - my neighbours went for a neon nine.

Apparently, in Scotland painting your door red meant that you had paid off your mortgage.

In Ireland, it is supposed to ward off ghosts and evil spirits, and in most other countries it signifies energy, excitement and says 'welcome'. The Chinese sometimes give their door a fresh coat of red before New Year to invite good luck and happiness.

Grey doors, on the other hand, can suggest indecisiveness, but work particularly well on interior apartment entry doors.

In the end, I was won over by this olive green door, and painted mine a similar colour with brass door furniture. So, according to the experts, having a green door signifies that whoever lies within cares for their family and community. I can live with that!



Photos:, Nicole Franzen, 


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