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Warm White Kitchens

04 May 2015

White kitchens look personal and welcoming with the addition of some textural, natural or colourful finishes:


Pink flowers and bowls of fruit are an easy way to add colour, scent and texture.


It may not be the most practical room in the house to have art, but it does give the room a more lived-in look and adds character.


James Huniford’s kitchen looks simple and interesting, thanks to his collection of reclaimed objects and vintage ceramics.


Adding gold can lift a room, and make it look glamorous, rather than sterile.

And finally, if you are lucky enough to inherit a wonderful stone kitchen, you need only find just the right lamp, brass tap and ceramics to end up with this beauty.




 Images via habituallychic, pop sugar, Nicole Franzen                                                                                                           









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