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Favourite addresses: Ett Hem, Stockholm

28 April 2015

Recently I’ve been eyeing up the Scandanavian trade shows. If I’m very honest, the main reason is that I am looking for any excuse to stay at Ett Hem, the Stockholm based hotel designed by Ilse Crawford. 

"The idea is a comfortable cultured house you can enjoy as if it is a friend's," says Crawford. "Sit in the kitchen, have a drink in the sitting room, pick up a book in the library or snuggle down by the fireplace."



Wood, leather, brass and velvet keep the look warm and tactile - a real home from home.


A well stocked library, board games and big dining tables promote a social, relaxed atmosphere.

 The glass room transitions between the internal space and garden, with exposed brick, glass and rustic wood.



The courtyard garden promotes relaxation and conversation with comfortable furniture and  more private areas.


One of my favourite pieces in the hotel is this shearling covered chair, perfect for a post-bath lounge...


Luxurious, comfortable, glamorous but casual - Ett Hem redefines the idea of a luxury hotel by inviting you to see, touch and enjoy. I very much hope to be doing just that very soon. 

Images  from Ett Hem


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