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Made in Brooklyn

13 April 2015

Hand poured in small batches at her Red Hook Studio, Tamara Mayne’s candles are lovingly handcrafted.


The simple, modern packaging was inspired by a collection of vintage apothecary labels.

Soy is hypoallergenic, completely renewable, and will burn for 30-50% longer than an equivalent paraffin candle. Because there is no petrol-carbon soot like in traditional paraffin candles, you don’t get any of the blackened walls or toxic carcinogens in the air. It’s just beautiful candle light and delicious natural scents.

Inspired by the aromatherapeutic properties of essential oils, Tamara likes to mix different families - woody with sweet, citrus with floral, masculine with feminine to create her different scent combinations.

We are delighted to be the sole UK retailers of the Brooklyn Candle Studio range. 





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