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10 March 2015

Simple, useful and durable are the three words that Yumiko Sekine uses to describe her 10 year old brand Fog Linen Work, but they only begin to touch on the beauty of her linen trays. I remember discovering one for the first time in a shop in New York, and being transfixed by it. It had been designed with such great proportions, down to the lipped edge which made it feel so good in the hand. Even though it had been coated in resin to make it washable, it still managed to maintain the look and feel of linen.

Needless to say, two of the trays made their way into my suitcase, and back at home they were put to many good uses. The small one was great for carrying two cups of coffee upstairs every morning, and as a much needed catch-all by my bedside. The medium size was just right for serving food, and for holding mail and keys in the hallway.  

We are now delighted to be one of a small number of retailers selling Fog Linen Work in the UK, and the range has since been extended to include other simple items, like our wooden tray and small bowls, along with a wonderful range of everyday linens.

See our Fog Linen Work range here.




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